Rammstein have recorded a brand-new album in lockdown

Keyboardist Christian ​Flake’ Lorenz confirms that Rammstein have recorded a new album ​that we hadn’t planned on”.

It’s no secret that Rammstein have been working on new music together with their 2020 touring plans having been put on hold, and it turns out that progress has been incredibly successful – so successful, in fact, that they’ve already managed to record an entire new album.

While the band had a 10-year gap between 2009’s Liebe ist für alle da and 2019’s Untitled album, there could be a significantly shorter wait for fans for their eighth studio full-length, as keyboardist Christian ​Flake’ Lorenz tells motor.de of the German titans’ time spent in lockdown: ​The fact that we couldn’t perform live increased our creativity. We had more time to think of new things and less distraction.

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As a result, we recorded a record that we hadn’t planned on.”

In June last year, drummer Christoph ​Doom’ Schneider revealed that Rammstein had ​so many ideas lying around, so many unfinished songs”, adding: ​We have met and we are working on new songs. We want to work on songs. But whether or not it will turn into an album, nobody knows yet.”

Well, now we know. And we’re very, very excited.

Check out the band’s couple of prior glimpses into the studio:


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